Best Sites to Visit for Freelance Writing Opportunities

With the freelance writing market becoming increasingly competitive, writers are constantly on the lookout for sites, which provide them a continuous flow of jobs. Contrary to popular belief, there are many lucrative freelance opportunities in India, especially in the writing segment. Here’s a listing of some of the best sites online offering work to Indian writers.
AllFreelanceWork is one of the top 10 freelance writing sites online. The site includes a fresh listing of featured writers and writers can expect customized assignments delivered to their inbox as per their specific niche. There is a sidebar, which has a listing of the latest project requirements. A section detailing a list of most popular as well as active members, top contributors helps writers showcase their profiles and stay accessible to recruiters. Registration is free and with sections like chat, groups, questions, portfolios, jobs, hot resources and several others, it is easy to find the writing assignment one is looking for.
AllFreelanceWork – hot jobs available for freelance writers
Monster has always been a powerful platform for job seekers to find work. Now, Authorlink, an offshoot of Monster, is targeted mainly at the writing community. On this site, freelance writers can find an India jobs board where they can apply for the latest projects and start working on assignments. There are virtually thousands of listings available free, which include full-employment as well as contractual jobs. Registration is free and there are many different categories of writing assignments available. The site has a global section where Indian writers can select up to 20 different locations and 20 different occupations to find a specific kind of project.
AuthorLink – A powerful platform to find niche writing assignments
FreelanceWriting offers an easily navigable interface whereby Indian writers can hope to find assignments easily. The ‘online writing jobs’ section lists thousands of available postings from buyers worldwide. Through this site, it is easy to search for jobs based on their pay scale, part-time or full-time and many other criteria. Registration is free and very easy on the site. With so many advantages, it is no surprise that FreelanceWriting has emerged as one of the best writers sites available.
FreelanceWriting – Thousands of job listings available
MediaBistro is mainly targeted at the freelance journalist or editor. The site has a healthy mix of contract as well as full-time assignments so it is easy to choose projects based on convenience and availability. There are also several editing assignments for freelance writers. The site offers some of the best jobs for writers in India along with a couple of on-site positions available. Registration fees include a 21 USD monthly membership and an annual listing of 145 USD per year. For the AvantGuild members, membership rates are at 15 USD and 119 USD monthly and annually respectively.
MediaBistro – Affordable services for highly lucrative freelance writing assignments
As the name implies, this site provides comprehensive listings of editing jobs available worldwide. The listings are offered free. One of the reasons the site bags the coveted position of top 10 sites India for freelance writing is because it has high-profile editing jobs available on the site. You can expect to find jobs pertaining to publishing majors like Penguin Publishing or even some of the other biggies. has high-profile listings offered free on its site
The site maybe a little low on the pay scale but certainly ups the quotient when it comes to availability of projects. GetaFreelancer or GAF, as it is called offers lucrative freelance opportunities India especially for writers. The site has a separate section on ‘copywriting’, which is sub-divided into categories like e-books, articles, blogs, reviews and the like. Hence, a freelance writer can easily select the niche section they wish to work on. Registration is free and the writer needs to bid on available projects. The person with the best bid and relevant experience wins the project.
GAF has many opportunities across diverse niches in copywriting
WriteJobs has plenty of potential when it comes to resources for freelance writers in India. There are several listings provided on the site and sections like ‘find a job’ or ‘writer on call’ help freelancers actively seek out new opportunities. The site also has separate niches based on media/journalism, editing and writing, publishing, technical writing, medical writing as well as jobs requiring telecommuting. WriteJobs is certainly one of the best writing sites for aspiring freelance writers in India.
WriteJobs has an assortment of writing projects based on specific niches
eHow is one of the most sought-after sites that offer freelance opportunities India. The site is a wealth of information on ‘how-to’ articles. The site allows writers to select topics or subjects they are comfortable writing about as well as provides a byline to the respective author. There is plenty of advice on how to generate more traffic to your article on eHow and thereby earn money. The site operates on a ‘more traffic-more revenue’ model wherein your article will fetch you revenues based on the number of hits from visitors.
eHow helps freelance writers get recognition because of the byline with every article
iFreelance is a paid site but it has numerous advantages for the discerning freelance writer. iFreelance offers struggling freelance writers a way to create their profiles or portfolios on the site with a URL dedicated to their portfolio. This way, writers can simply direct new clients to the URL whenever samples are requested. There are three membership levels to the site and the higher the level, the more the exposure to service buyers. iFreelance is one of the top 10 freelance sites for writing and though membership is paid, it has many benefits that compensate for the money spent. iFreelance has many high-paying job opportunities as well as the ability to create your own writing portfolio on the site
This is another one of the sites that operate on the ‘more traffic-more revenue’ model. Registration is free and the site offers a web editing tool for submission, review as well as distribution of content. Depending on the quality of the article and the amount of traffic it receives, the writer receives requisite compensation. Suite101 is one of the top 10 sites India and already has a growing base of Indian writers.
A byline and revenues in accordance with traffic hits Suite101 provides tremendous scope in terms of payment

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Top Ways to Boost Banner Click-through

Banner advertising is one of the most widely used marketing medium on the Internet. Though banner click-throughs have decreased to less than 1.0% in the past year, it is still possible to achieve reasonably good click-through of 3.0% and above.
Below are 10 effective steps that I have successfully used to help my clients boost click-throughs on their banner campaigns.

1. Employ Action Words
Use action words like "FREE" and "Click Here" in your banners.
Offering something "FREE" in your message attracts the reader to click on your banner. Banners with "Click Here" teasers and similar action phrases also increase click-through.

2. Use Short and Punchy Headlines
A short and punchy banner headline makes a difference. Always load your headline with benefit statements - offer solutions to the challenges that your customers face. If you sell diet products, try "Lose 10 pounds in four weeks!". Work on a winning combination of text and graphics in your banner ad.

3. Animated Banners vs. Static Banners
Animated banners usually outperform their static counterparts by more than 100%. Surfers are more likely to notice banners that are animated. Example: If you have the words "Click Here" flashing in your banner, it will perform better than a static version.

4. Adopt Better Designs
Many of us are not graphic artists. We can create simple banners but it is hard to match the work of a professional graphic artist. You should engage a professional banner ad designer to create your banners. Expect to invest $80 per banner.
The standard sizes for banner ads are 400x40 pixels or 468x60 pixels. I recommend that you design a 468x60 banner. With the clutter of graphics on most webpages, a larger banner has a higher chance of getting noticed.

5. Try Trick Banners
These banners resemble Windows dialog boxes, scroll bars, submit buttons or blue-colored underlined hyperlinks. They attract you to click on the dialog boxes and scroll bars - which you are already accustomed to doing with the Windows operating system. If you use trick banners with short and punchy headlines, you can get click-throughs above 10.0%!

6. Reduce Your Banner File Sizes
Reduce your banner file size to less than 15k. The last thing a surfer wants is a slow-loading webpage. Most websites and banner exchanges do not allow excessively large banners.
Create a fast-loading banner right from the start. Optimize your banner file size through your graphic software or an online graphic optimizer.

7. Rotate Your Banners Regularly
Always have 2 or more banners to promote each product. A banner usually burns out after a surfer has seen it 3 times. They will ignore (if not hate) banners which they see repeatedly. If your click-through is steadily declining, then it is time to rotate your banners.

8. Target Your Banners
Place your banners on websites visited by your potential customers. If you promote gourmet coffees, place your banners on sites targeted at gourmet coffee drinkers. The quality of leads generated are higher, and more likely to result in sales.
Running your banners on targeted sites generally yield higher click-throughs and return-on-investment (ROI). You are reaching people who are most interested in what you have to offer. Of course, you can try websites with general audience if they generate substantial ROI.

9. Monitor Your Banners' Performance
Make it a point to check on your banners' performance every few days. Monitor the click-through rate. The click-through tells you how well your banner performs. Most banners fetch a click-through of between 0.8% to 2.0%. If your banner gets more than 2.0%, it is doing a pretty good job.
By monitoring your banners' performance, you can kill under-performing banners before they waste away your advertising dollars.

10. Do Your Mathematics
Do your mathematics for each banner advertising campaign. Calculate the cost-per-visitor, cost-per-sale and return-on-investment ratios.
For example: If a website charges you $20 per thousand impressions ($20/CPM), and you get a 2.0% click-through (20 visitors), your cost-per-visitor is $1.00 ($20 / 20 visitors).
And if 1 in every 10 visitors buys your product, your cost-per-sale is $10.00 ($20 / 2 sales).
So if each sale of your product produces a gross profit of $15, then your net profit per-sale will be $5.00 ($15 gross profit - $10 cost-per-sale).
Your return-on-investment (ROI), before non-marketing expenses, is 50.0% ($10.00 total net profits / $20 investment). This campaign is profitable!
Try advertising on different sites or using different banners. Find the winning combination(s) that can yield the highest ROI. Comparing Deal A which yields an ROI of 20% to Deal B that yields 60%, your advertising dollars work three times harder (and profitable) with Deal B!

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Tips To Get More Traffic From Yahoo

Here are 8 things to keep in mind while submitting your site to Yahoo!
1) Selecting your domain name is the most vital step in getting a top ranking in Yahoo! and also other directories
like Dmoz and Looksmart.
Make sure your domain name is "Keyword Rich". You can make your domain keyword rich by simply inserting hyphens to separate words in your domain name. Yahoo! gives more relevance to sites with keywords in their domain name.
Take our domain name for example:
It is made up of 4 different high-in-demand keywords: "Home Based Business", "Home Business", "Home Business Opportunities", "Home Based Business Opportunities".
While crafting your domain name, even you should try to keep your domain name such that it is made up of one, 2-4 words main or "parent" keyword; which in turn is made up of 2-4 high-in-demand "child" keywords.
You may or may not get a top ranking for all your targeted keywords but you can be sure of getting one for your main or "parent" keyword (If you do everything else right).
Even if you have to get a separate domain name for this purpose, GET IT! It is absolutely crucial for your ranking.
2) Sites which are placed higher in directory structure are given more relevance than sites which are placed lower or
For example a site listed in category - B2B/Business_Opportunities will be given more relevance than a site listed in category - B2B/Business_Opportunities/Directories
Here's a great tip to select the most trafficked category for your website...
Once you have short-listed 2 or 3 category to place your site in to, check out the cost of Sponsor Listings of those
categories.It's really simple. Visit the following URL:
Enter the URL of any website that is listed in your desired category (The URL should be same as it appears in Yahoo! and the category should be a commercial category).
Please note that Yahoo! accepts Sponsor Listings for only certain commercial categories and so this tip may or may not work for your category.
You'll be asked for your Yahoo! ID. Once you submit the information, you'll be provided with the Sponsorship charges for that certain category. Repeat the process for your remaining short-listed categories.
Now compare the prices of all your short-listed categories. Naturally the one with a higher price is the most trafficked one!

3) Yahoo! considers keywords in the directory structure while ranking.
For example, if someone is searching for "Business Opportunities Directories", a web site listed in category -
B2B/Business_Opportunities/Directories will be given more relevance than a web site listed in category - B2B/Business_Opportunities

4) Yahoo! DOES NOT spider websites to determine ranking. It ranks web sites based on keywords in domain name, title and description. So having META tags does not make any difference to your listing.

5) DO NOT try to stuff as much keywords as possible in to the description. Yahoo! editors are notorious for cutting
down the description if they sense even slightest hype. Try to avoid words such as - no.1, proven, turnkey, exciting
Also, make sure that the heading of your home page is same as the description you provided for your site. There should be no confusion in the mind of the editor reviewing your site.

6) Make sure your domain name and business name is the same since Yahoo! is known to use the business name as the title for your listing.

7) Make sure your website is "Content Rich". This is very critical for two reasons. One - to get your site
accepted by Yahoo! and Second - to maintain and get a higher listing.
Yahoo! determines the popularity of a website by the amount of time a visitor spends on your website. If a large no. of them hit the "back button" of their browser as soon as they hit your web site, you can kiss goodbye to your dreams of a possible higher listing.
Once you get a lower listing, it can get very difficult to make up as visitors will not be able to find your site
Once a site gets accepted into the directory, Yahoo! ranks it based on the keyword popularity in domain name, title and description. But as time progresses, it determines the ranking based on the popularity of the website itself.
We ignored this and our listing came down drastically within few days of getting accepted!

8) Before submitting your website, thoroughly research websites that rank higher for keywords you are targeting (Especially the "Most Popular" sites in the directory section). This will give you a rough idea of what to and what not to include in your website.

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Top Ideas to make money online

There are plenty of ideas to make money online. If you are a beginner, there are genuine opportunities available to you. Most people out of their greed commit mistakes when they begin their career online. Genuine effort is made from my part to list opportunities and ideas that are real and working here.

Freelance opportunities

Freelance opportunities If you have a will there is a job waiting for you here. Freelance offers, jobs and opportunities for people from all walks of the life. If you can write, there are writing opportunities available. If you are a designer, you have designing opportunities available. There are graphics designing, Data-entry, Programming and internet marketing related offers available in plenty. We have a separate dedicated section available to help you learn Freelance offers.


Google adsense Adsense comes from Google. That should shut all your concerns. It is one of the most popular and Legitimate ideas to make money online. In the first quarter of 2011, Google earned 2.34billion dollars or 28percent of their total income from Adsense. This will help you understand the importance of this program. It is very easy to learn and make money using this opportunity. We have a section dedicated to help you learn Adsense.

Sell on EBay

Sell on Ebay Selling on Ebay is another popular opportunity. If you have it in you to become creative, you have a great opportunity here. With an astronomical amount of traffic that Ebay receives every year, we can sell almost anything here. Find a unique product, offer great shipping opportunity and unmatched pricing seems to be the formula to excel here. We have interesting articles on ebay here.
Affiliate Marketing
Affiliate Marketing Affiliate marketing never ceases to excite me. Join affiliate networks, select your product, prepare your marketing strategy and enter the market with a bang. It requires lot of creativity from you and if you have it in you, we have enough articles and tutorials here to help you learn the basics.
Flipping or selling websites
Flipping or selling websites The sheer amount of excitement that this opportunity provides made me to include this opportunity in top ideas to make money online. Create a professional website with quality articles, promote and generate some traffic and sell it for a price. This opportunity is generating huge interest online. We provide enough material for you to learn and execute this opportunity.
Domain Flipping
Domain Flipping Yet another opportunity that finds a place here in this top ideas to make money online because of its creativity. It is an exclusive opportunity for those who are creative. Domain flipping is considered as a genuine option to make money. The steps required are very simple. It is a practice of buying and registering domain names with intent to sell it later for a higher price. Flipping websites or domains we have it covered in detail here.
Write an ebook
ebook It is another creative opportunity to make money online. You sell your expertise by writing an ebook. There are huge opportunities available to promote your ebook, provided it is a good one. We cover all the details and tools required for a beginner to begin his ebook business.
Paid Surveys
Paid Surveys Your opinion counts a lot. Most companies out there would like to know your opinion about their products and how to improve them. There is large number of survey providers out there who would enroll you for free. You will be sent surveys based on your profiles and remunerated accordingly. There are scams in paid surveys. MY advice would be not to pay a penny to make money with paid surveys. You have all the information you require to learn this opportunity provided in detail here.
Ecommerce Ecommerce is among the popular opportunities online. Buying and selling of products or services over internet is what we call as ecommerce. It is a genuine opportunity. We have some informative articles written about ecommerce here.
Cost per Action networks (CPA)
CPA We can call CPA as an easier form of Affiliate Marketing. Here we get paid for an action from the visitor. It is more like Cost per lead or CPL program. We get paid once a lead is created. It is one opportunity that makes me spend sleepless nights monitoring the traffic I send and the amount of profits I make. We have a section dedicated to help you join and make money with these networks.
We have included Top 10 ideas to make money online here. There are many more opportunities available online. Once you dig deeper here, you would come to know about more opportunities. Spend some quality time here. Bookmark this website and spread the news to your friends about the opportunities online. Use the blogs and discussion forums todiscuss more about the opportunities included here. 


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12 Websites to Make Money Online Using Photos

Making money online by using photos work for a lot of photographers. You might be wondering why people want to buy photos online? Why not they take photos themselves and put on their websites? Think like this, if people are going to put cheap and low quality of their websites, then their sites look cheap and not professional.

A lot of website owners such as professional bloggers or webmasters need to hire photographers, ask the photographers to take photos and finally choose the best that the want. This causes so much trouble and it is very time consuming. Most of the time, hiring a photographer do not guarantee webmasters or bloggers to get the pictures at the quality they want. So, that is why buying photos online is liked by most webmasters and bloggers. They can choose the best photos that suit them and it is very easy. They save a lot of time and save a lot of money as well. Some of the photos being sold online are high quality and the price are reasonably cheap.

So, if you are a photo enthusiast and you can take a lot of great photos, this is where you come in and this is the way you can make money online using your photos. It is possible.

I am sharing with you the best and trusted online stock photos sites where you can make money online using photos. Some sites to sell your photos are listed below:

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28 Content Revenue Sharing Sites to Make Money

When it comes to making money online, many people think that you must have a website or a blog of your own, that is anything but the truth! You can make money online without ever owning a site. While having your own websites probably gives you more options and enables you to have full control over the process, revenue sharing sites are a great alternative for earning money online.
Revenue sharing sites allow you to earn a percentage of the revenue earned from ads displayed next to the published content you provided. Basically you get paid for writing great content!
The best part of using revenue sharing sites is the fact that all you have to do is write content and publish! You dont have to deal with any of the headaches and hassles of owning and maintaining a site.
To get started, all you need is… well, a list of revenue sharing sites where you can register and start publishing content! Here are some of the most well-known content revenue sharing sites you could use to make money:

28 ContentRevenue Sharing Sites
I am sure there are many more sites that I haven’t listed here. If you know of any revenue sharing sites, please feel free to mentioned it by leaving a comment.

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